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November 30th meeting of the Board


Update: The meeting adjourned at 3:34pm. Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce and Member Craig Becker voted in favor of adopting the resolution, and Member Brian Hayes voted against it. A final rule will be drafted under the outline of the resolution, and will then be subject to final approval by the Board.

The National Labor Relations Board held a Nov. 30 vote on whether to adopt a small number of the amendments to its election procedures that the Board proposed earlier this year. View the resolution here. An explanation of the resolution is available here. Chairman Pearce released a statement on the resolution, which is available here.

The meeting of the Board’s three members, held at NLRB headquarters in Washington at 2:30pm EST, was open to the public, although the public did not participate. Members discussed and voted on a resolution to accept the Chairman’s proposals, proceed to draft a final rule limited to those proposals, and defer the remainder of the proposed rule for further consideration.

Click here to view a news release about the meeting.

Click here for a fact sheet on the rulemaking.

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