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Frequently Asked Questions - eFiling / eService

"E-Service" is the electronic service of final Board and ALJ decisions on parties to Board cases. Parties who register for E-Service will receive, immediately upon posting of the Board's daily E-Docket on its website, an e-mail constituting formal notice of the Board's or Judge's decision and an electronic link to the decision. E-Service notifications will be sent at the close of the business day at NLRB headquarters in Washington, D.C. (5:00 p.m. Eastern Time). Final Board and ALJ decisions will not be mailed to parties who sign up for E-Service. When documents are electronically-filed in a case, the NLRB sends a courtesy e-mail notification to other parties in the case who have registered to receive electronic service of Board and ALJ Decisions. The e-mail with a link to the documents is a courtesy notification only; it does not constitute service of the document by the filing party pursuant to Board Rules & Regulations Sections 102.114(a) or 102.114(i). In addition, this e-mail indicates only that the document has been E-Filed with the Agency. It does not constitute a determination that the document has been accepted by the Agency as meeting the requirements for filing. In the event the document being E-Filed is required to be served on another party to a proceeding, the other party shall be served by e-mail, if possible. If the other party does not have the ability to receive electronic service, the other party shall be notified by telephone of the substance of the transmitted document and a copy of the document shall be served by personal service no later than the next day, by overnight delivery service, or, with the permission of the party receiving the document, by facsimile transmission. See Sec. 102.114(a) and (i) of the Board's Rules and Regulations. If you have not registered and wish to do so, please send an e-mail to, providing the case number for each Board and/or Judges case in which you are a participant. You will be given an NLRB-assigned PIN number, which will allow you to register for E-Service/E-Issuance (click here for more information about PIN numbers). Each party or party representative currently can sign up only one e-mail address for E-Service.
There is no need to file multiple copies of documents that you file electronically.
PINs are not required for E-filing. They are used to request E-service. Participants in active cases before the Board or the Division of Judges can obtain access to electronic information and receive early notification of filings and decisions in the case, but only if they register with the Agency to retrieve a PIN number. If you are a participant on such a case, you can request a PIN number by sending an email to Please provide the case number for each case in which you are a participant. Participants in cases that are not yet pending before the Division of Judges or the Board are not included in the pilot project. The Agency-assigned PIN number is needed only for the initial registration for E-Service. To access the system in the future, you will use the name and password that you created. If you misplace your PIN number before you sign-up for E-Service, contact and your PIN number will be sent to you. If you have multiple cases pending before the Board and/or Division of Judges, and there are variations in your name and address in the different cases, you may receive different PIN numbers for the different cases. When you log into the NLRB's website, the PIN(s) you receive will allow you to edit your contact information, and consolidate your contact information records. Please note that you do not need a PIN number to use the other services available at, including accessing your previously E-Filed documents and saving your contact information for faster E-Filing.

The E-Filing terms are available here. Also, after you enter a valid case number in the NLRB E-Filing System, a screen detailing these E-Filing terms will open. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood these terms before proceeding to file your document.

If you forget your E-service password, simply go to and in the log-in area, find a link that says "Forgot Password?" Click this link and enter your e-mail address. Your password will be reset and a new password will be sent to your e-mail address.

The E-filing system accepts most documents allowed under Board rules, including:

  • Answer to Complaint/Compliance Specification
  • Appeal Filings
  • Amicus Brief or Reply to Amicus Brief, Post Hearing Brief, Briefs in Support of Motions
  • Disclaimer of Interest
  • EAJA Applications
  • Evidence
  • Excelsior List
  • Exceptions or Cross Exceptions
  • Exhibits
  • Extension of Time Request
  • Formal Settlement Agreement
  • Letter
  • Motions, Oppositions to Motions, and Replies to Oppositions to Motions
  • Motion to Stay Election
  • Notice of Appearance
  • Objections to Election
  • Petition to Revoke Subpoenas or Response
  • Position Statement
  • Request for Review and Oppositions to a Request for Review
  • Request for Special Permission to Appeal
  • Requests to Proceed with Election
  • Questionnaire
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Service Documents
  • Withdrawal Request

Documents that may NOT be E-Filed include:

  • Unfair Labor Practice Charges
  • Representation Petitions
  • Petitions for Advisory Opinions
  • A document that is more than twenty (20) megabytes in size 

The full terms and rules are available (click here).

No, it is sufficient to file solely under the lead (lowest) case number.
Agency personnel are not available after the close of regular business hours to assist parties with E-Filing. If you are having difficulty after hours, you may try using a different computer. Temporarily removing pop-up blockers and changing your spam filter to allow receipt of messages from may expedite receiving a notification that your E-Filing has been received. A technical failure by the Agency's E-Filing system may excuse a late filing, but user-end problems will not. If user-end problems cannot be corrected before the 11:59 p.m. E-Filing deadline, the subsequent late filing will not be excused. Examples of user-end problems include trouble with the telephone lines, the user's Internet service provider, hardware, software, users failing to understand or follow E-Filing instructions, or rejection of the transmission because the document contains a virus.

E-Filed documents must be filed using the Agency's website before midnight in the time zone of the receiving office. NLRB Official Office Hours are listed in Appendix A to the Board's Rules and Regulations, which can be found under the "Publications" tab on the home page of the NLRB's website. Regional Office hours of operation can also be found here. Requests for extension of time are made by completing an online form. You can request an extension of time through the NLRB's E-Filing System by clicking here. Please note that successful submission of a request for an extension of time through the Agency's E-Filing system does not mean that your request has been granted. The office receiving the request will contact you directly to confirm whether it has been granted or denied.

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