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10j Injunctions

10(j) Injunction Activity at the National Labor Relations Board

Section 10(j) of the National Labor Relations Act authorizes the National Labor Relations Board to seek temporary injunctions against employers and unions in federal district courts to stop unfair labor practices while the case is being litigated before administrative law judges and the Board. These temporary injunctions are needed to protect the process of collective bargaining and employee rights under the Act, and to ensure that Board decisions will be meaningful. The section was added as part of a set of reforms to the Act in 1947. Over the years, all NLRB General Counsels have made use of this effective enforcement tool, as shown in this chart.

There are 15 categories of labor disputes in which Section 10(j) injunctions may be appropriate, listed here. Under NLRB processes, potential cases are identified by Regional Offices and reviewed by the General Counsel, who must seek authorization from the Board before proceeding to court. Below is a list of all 10(j) injunction cases authorized by the Board since September 1, 2010, with status updates.

Authorization Date Case Numbersort descending Case Name Injunction Status
July 22, 2012 22-CA-073648 TEN WEST APPAREL Seeking Injunction
November 2, 2010 24-CA-011504 Kike Transport Settled pre-10(j) Petition
March 6, 2012 24-CA-011798 Bridge of the Caribbean, LLC Settled pre-10(j) Petition
September 23, 2010 25-CA-031485 Irving Ready Mix, Inc. Seeking Injunction
January 12, 2011 25-CA-031502 Marsh Supermarket Settled post-10(j) Petition
December 12, 2010 25-CA-031565 Spurlino Material of Indianapolis Granted
January 10, 2011 25-CA-031626 Sabre Mfg. Settled pre-10(j) Petition
May 2, 2011 25-CA-031683 Republic Services, Inc. Withdrawn
June 21, 2011 25-CA-031704 Monogram Comfort Foods Withdrawn
March 8, 2012 25-CA-031883 Coupled Products, LLC Withdrawn
February 21, 2012 25-CA-031898 NEW NGC, INC., d/b/a NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY Settled pre-10(j) Petition
November 14, 2010 26-CA-023558 Cooperative Response Center, Inc. Settled post-10(j) Petition
December 15, 2010 28-CA-023204 River Medical Incorporated Settled pre-10(j) Petition
February 13, 2012 28-CA-023387 Albertson's, LLC Seeking Injunction
September 6, 2011 28-CA-023513 GCA Services Group, Inc. Granted
February 9, 2012 28-CA-068006 Cactus Bay Apparel, Inc. Granted
April 29, 2012 28-CA-073112 The Service Companies, Inc. Settled pre-10(j) Petition
January 28, 2013 28-CA-087842 SFTC, LLC d/b/a SANTA FE TORTILLA COMPANY Seeking Injunction
April 14, 2013 28-CA-088321 One Call Locators, Ltd., d/b/a ELM Locating & Utility Services Settled post-10(j) Petition


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