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The Washington Resident Office is being relocated as part of the move of NLRB headquarters.  The move will occur during the period beginning Friday, June 26, 2015 through Friday, July 3, 2015. During that period, visitors will not be able to physically access the Washington Resident Office. Anyone interested in filing a charge or petition with Region 5 during that period should direct the material to the Regional Office in Baltimore.  If you have a question about filing a charge or petition with Region 5 during the relocation period or about the move of the Washington Resident Office, you should contact Region 5 by telephone at (410) 962-2822 or fax at (410) 962-2198.  The e-filing of case related documents and/or the e-filing of charges/petitions will not be affected.  E-File Documents here. E-File Charges/Petitions here.

During the period of the relocation, agents assigned to work in the Washington Resident Office will be teleworking and will be able to communicate with parties through e-mail and telephone communications. 

It is anticipated that the new location of the Washington Resident Office will be available for public access on Monday, July 6, 2015.  The new address of the Washington Resident Office is:

Washington Resident Office

1015 Half Street, S.E., 6th Floor

Washington, D.C.  20003



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