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Region 5 Certifies IBEW, Local 410 as Bargaining Representative at Baltimore Gas & Electric

Region 5 certified Local 410 of the IBEW as the bargaining representative of a systemwide unit at Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. (BG&E).

Pursuant to an election agreement reached by the parties, Region 5 conducted a representation election on January 11 and 12, 2017 at nine BG&E sites located in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.  Out of a unit of 1,418 employees, 1357 voted in the election. Participation in the representation election exceeded 95% of the eligible voters.  The tally of ballots showed that 741 voted for representation by Local 410, 610 voted against, there were five challenged ballots and one void ballot.

Neither party filed objections to the election.  On January 20, 2017, the Region issued a certification of representative to Local 410.

This was the largest representation election conducted by Region 5 in the past several years.  More than 20 Board agents participated in conducting the election and the counting of the ballots.  Field Examiner Scott Bryson coordinated the Region’s handling of the election.

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