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Beginning in July 2019, the NLRB will be transitioning to a new NLRB My Account Portal. You will be able to access your account to perform many functions, including:

  • Viewing your E-File History
  • E-Filing additional documents to cases/inquiries to which you are a party
  • Managing addresses associated with your account”

When may a party file a request for review?

Requests for review procedures are set forth in §§102.67(c) and 102.69(c) of the final rule.

  • If the regional director issues a Direction and Order dismissing the petition, a request for review must be filed within 14 days after the decision issues.
  • If the regional director issues a Decision and Direction of Election, a request for review may be filed at any time following the regional director’s decision until 14 days after a final disposition of the proceeding by the regional director. A “final disposition” occurs when the regional director issues a certification of representative, a certification of results, a dismissal, or an order to open and count challenged ballots. If there are post-election objections or determinative challenged ballots, a party may combine a request for review of the Decision and Direction of Election with a request for review of the regional director’s resolution of objections and challenged ballots if the party has not previously requested review of the decision and direction of election.

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