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What is the required format of the voter list?

Section 102.67(l) provides that employers must provide a voter list or lists in an electronic format approved by the General Counsel. The General Counsel has decided that, for ease of use of the data by the parties entitled to the list before the election, the lists must be filed in common, everyday electronic file formats that can be searched and sorted. Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, the list must be provided in a table in a Microsoft Word file (.doc or docx) or a file that is compatible with Microsoft Word (.doc or docx). The first column of the list must begin with each employee’s last name and the list must be alphabetized (overall or by department) by last name. Because the list will be used during the election, the font size of the list must be the equivalent of Times New Roman 10 or larger. That font does not need to be used but the font must be that size or larger.

The Board stated that it is presumptively appropriate for the employer to produce multiple versions of the list where the data required is kept in separate databases or files so long as all of the lists link the information to the same employees, using the same names, in the same order and are provided within the allotted time. If the employer provides multiple lists, the list used at the election will be the list containing the employees’ job classifications.

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