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Applying for Attorney Positions with The Board Washington, D.C. Headquarters


An attorney who joins the staff of a Board Member or the Office of Representation Appeals functions in much the same way as a law clerk does for a judge. When assigned a case, attorneys must read and familiarize themselves with the record and with the formal documents, including the briefs. They ascertain, analyze, and discuss the issues and research the law. Attorneys orally present cases for the Board's consideration and, after the case has been decided, pursuant to instructions from the Board Members, they prepare a draft of the final decision.  


 Although each Board Member has authority to hire attorneys for his or her own staff, all applications are initially considered by a hiring committee. To be considered for an appointment as a staff counsel you must supply all of the information required in OPM Form OF-510, "Applying for a Federal Job," as well as the specific additional information listed below:

  • You may submit a resume, OPM Form OF-612 "Optional Application for Federal Employment," the previously utilized Form SF-171, or any other written format you choose. If you choose to use a format other than OPM Form OF-612, you may find it helpful to utilize that form as a guide to ensure that all relevant information is included in your application.
  • You may also submit OPM Standard Form 181 - Optional Race and National Origin - Identification. The form is used by the Agency as a means of complying with the requirement of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that each federal agency collect and maintain applicant flow data regarding all individuals who apply for employment. Please note that the information is voluntary, that the questionnaire will be maintained separately from your application, and that no individual hiring decisions will be based on this information.

Note: There are no announcement numbers for entry-level staff counsel positions.


  • What is your availability date?
  • Are you seeking full-time or part-time employment?
  • Do you wish to limit your application to a specific Office or Board Member? If so, which one?

The following conflict of interest questions must be answered:

  • Are you related (by blood or marriage) to anyone now employed by the National Labor Relations Board? If yes, state name and relationship.
  • Are your parents, siblings, children, in-laws, fiancé, your spouse, or any member of your household employed in the labor-relations field, employed by an institution which regularly appears before the NLRB; or employed in a law firm which practices labor law? If yes, identify the individual, the relationship, and the employer.


  • Bar Admission -- List State or Court and date admitted or date of scheduled examination.
  • Copy of undergraduate, graduate and law school transcripts (as applicable). For law school, provide grade point average and rank in class (_ out of _).
  • Did your law school have law review? If so, were you on the staff? Give citations to material you wrote.
  • List labor law courses and include grade and professor.
  • List any law school scholastic honors, scholarships, and graduate law studies.
  • List any undergraduate or graduate school scholastic honors and major course of study.


  • List relevant work experience.
  • Provide two unedited writing samples.


All of the above information must be provided along with the information required in OF 510 at the time you apply for employment. Your application and transcripts will be reviewed and you will be advised if your qualifications meet the requirements for employment with the Board.

Please submit your application to:

NLRB Office of the Executive Secretary
1015 Half Street SE
Washington, D.C. 20570

(202) 273-1067