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The NLRB My Account Portal is now live. Click on the My Account Portal link above to access your account and perform many functions, including:

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News Releases

News releases are issued in cases of national and regional significance, and to announce initiatives of the Board and General Counsel.

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Release Datesort ascending Document Subject
09/10/2019 Board Adopts Contract Coverage Standard for Determining Whether Unilateral Changes Violate the Act
09/09/2019 Board Finds Partial Plant Unit at Boeing’s South Carolina Facility Not an Appropriate Unit.
09/05/2019 Board Invites Briefs Regarding NLRA Protection for Profane or Offensive Statements
08/29/2019 NLRB Decides Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors Does Not Violate the Act
08/14/2019 NLRB Decides First Mandatory Arbitration Case Following Supreme Court’s Epic Systems Ruling
08/09/2019 NLRB Proposes Rulemaking to Protect Employee Free Choice
05/22/2019 NLRB Rulemaking Agenda Announced
03/22/2019 NLRB Chairman Responds to Members of Congress Regarding Review of Joint-Employer Comments
03/01/2019 Board Extends Time for Filing Amicus and Responsive Briefs Regarding Jurisdiction Over Charter Schools
03/01/2019 NLRB Sets Standards Affecting Beck Objectors, Union Lobbying Expenses Are Not Chargeable
02/04/2019 Board Grants Review and Invites Briefs Regarding Jurisdiction Over Charter Schools
01/25/2019 NLRB Returns to Long-Standing Independent-Contractor Standard
01/17/2019 NLRB Chairman Provides Response to Members of Congress Regarding Joint-Employer Rulemaking
01/11/2019 NLRB Further Extends Time for Submitting Comments on Proposed Joint-Employer Rulemaking in Light of DC Circuit’s Recent Browning-Ferris Decision
01/09/2019 NLRB Division of Judges Issues Updated Bench Book
12/14/2018 Board Rescinds Invitation to File Briefs in Loshaw Thermal Technology
12/10/2018 NLRB Further Extends Time for Submitting Comments on Proposed Joint-Employer Rulemaking
12/10/2018 Fred B. Jacob Named NLRB Solicitor
12/07/2018 NLRB Issues Strategic Plan for FY 2019 to FY 2022
10/30/2018 NLRB Extends Time for Submitting Comments on Proposed Joint-Employer Rulemaking
10/25/2018 NLRB Selects Roxanne Rothschild as Executive Secretary
10/15/2018 Board Suspends Briefing in Loshaw Thermal Technology
09/24/2018 NLRB Chairman Responds to Senators Regarding the Use of Employer Email Inquiry
09/13/2018 Board Proposes Rule to Change its Joint-Employer Standard
09/11/2018 Board Invites Briefs Regarding Whether Section 9(a) Bargaining Relationships in the Construction Industry May Be Established by Contract Language Alone


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