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Beginning in July 2019, the NLRB will be transitioning to a new NLRB My Account Portal. You will be able to access your account to perform many functions, including:

  • Viewing your E-File History
  • E-Filing additional documents to cases/inquiries to which you are a party
  • Managing addresses associated with your account”

Rules & Regulations

On December 15, 2014, the National Labor Relations Board adopted changes to its representation case procedures. Those changes became effective April 14, 2015 and are being applied to all petitions filed on or after April 14, 2015. Petitions filed before April 14, 2015 are being processed under the representation case procedures that were in effect when the petition was filed and do not include the changes that became effective April 14, 2015. Accordingly, the Rules with and without the changes appear below.

In addition, on February 24, 2017, the National Labor Relations Board made procedural amendments to Part 102 of the Rules and Regulations to: eliminate outdated references to telegraphs, carbon copies, and the requirements for submitting multiple copies of hard copy submissions; use more plain language and eliminate legalistic terms; reorganize the Rules and add headings so that subject matter is easier to find; and update and streamline procedural provisions of the FOIA regulations.  The amendments also clarify the means by which documents are E-Filed and service is made by the parties and the Board.  These changes became effective March 6, 2017.

Rules and Regulations with Representation case changes effective April 14, 2015

Rules and Regulations without Representation case changes effective April 14, 2015 or procedural updates effective March 6, 2017

NLRB Organization and Functions (currently under revision)

Delegation of Authority and Assigned Responsibilities of the General Counsel

You can view the National Labor Relations Act here.

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